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“for maria anechoic room version” [2010]

SHIBUYA Keiichiro + evala

“for maria anechoic room version”


The 24-channel sound system, composed of 24 speakers (3 layers of 8) and sub-woofers is controlled entirely by a computer program and is installed in an anechoic room, which is a space designed to absorb echoes. The insulated space constitutes a three-dimensional acoustic space, with sound movement to the left and right as well as in the vertical direction, and blinking LED lights.

The work was created as an alternative version of “for maria” installation version presented at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM] in 2009. It is based on the sound data of “ATAK 015 for maria” (2009), SHIBUYA’s piano solo CD made using DSD (Direct-Stream Digital) recording, which achieves a resolution 128 times higher than CDs. Taking this data, SHIBUYA eliminated all sounds made by key strokes, leaving only the reverberations, which he then extracted, processed and programmed. In an anechoic room, where there are almost no echoes, sound can be manipulated more precisely than is otherwise possible.

Program development: IKEGAMI Takashi (University of Tokyo), OGAI Yuta (Ikegami Lab., University of Tokyo)
Cooperation: Fostex Company a division of Foster Electric Co., Ltd., ACOUSTIC FIELD INC.



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