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“Flat Scope Scape MJ” [2010]


“Flat Scope Scape MJ”


Using transparent sheets printed with geometric patterns and layering multiple sheets on top of a light box gives the appearance of the patterns merging together to create a new pattern. It is possible to change this pattern by moving the sheets slowly. Three light boxes have been captured using three cameras and these three images layered one on the other using projectors.

Interposition of multiple regular cyclical patterns is called “moiré interference.” It is possible to change the moiré by changing how the patterns are layered. The artist calls this manipulation “MJ (moiré jockey)” in reference to “VJ (video jockey).” Interposing three images and then projecting the moiré pattern onto your (the manipulator’s) own shadow creates a somewhat fantastical scene. “Gala Clockworks (Twin)” ticks down while a pattern divided into a grid transform diversely in accordance with the situation in the exhibition space. The work has been programmed so that in any moment it becomes a continuous pattern and no pattern is generated twice.



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