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“Eye-Tracking Informatics” [2011/19]



“Eye-Tracking Informatics” is an installation in which an eye-tracking input device senses, traces and visualizes the visitor’s gaze in shapes that are then reproduced in a three-dimensional virtual space.

The work is based on “Molecular Informatics – morphogenic substance via eye tracking,” which MIKAMI Seiko, a leading figure in the realm of Japanese media art since the 1980s, produced and unveiled at Canon ARTLAB in 1996. Created with the aim to reconsider aspects of correspondence between space and the human body through such concepts as “observing the act of observation” and ”real virtuality,” Molecular Informatics was subsequently exhibited (in updated versions) at places around the world up to 2004.

In 2011, it was recreated at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM] under the title “Eye-Tracking Informatics,” whereas the process of tracing and visualizing the gaze in a virtual space was significantly sped up, and the accompanying soundtrack was reconfigured for playback through a 3-D sound system.

On display at this exhibition is the latest version of the piece, as it was updated and restored at YCAM after MIKAMI’s passing in 2015. While the version that was originally reproduced at YCAM was designed to be experienced by two persons at a time, for the display at ICC the format was modified to be experienced by one visitor each.

Original Version in 2011

Concept/Direction: MIKAMI Seiko
Technical Direction: ITO Takayuki (YCAM)
Device Design: OWAKI Richi (YCAM)
Sound Programming: evala
Visual Programming: HIRAKAWA Norimichi
Programming Support: HAMA Satoshi (YCAM)
Lighting Design: TAKAHARA Fumie (YCAM)
Project Curation: ABE Kazunao (YCAM)
Development Collaboration: YCAM InterLab

Reproduction from 2017 to 2019

Technical Direction: HIRAKAWA Norimichi
Device Design: OWAKI Richi (YCAM)
Production Support: MIHARA Soichiro, HIRABAYASHI Makoto
Project Management: KANEKO Miwa (YCAM)
Project Direction: WATANABE Tomoya (YCAM)
Supervisor: ITO Takayuki (YCAM)
Cooperation: Tama Art University Collaborative Research “On Generative Archive for Media Art” (KUBOTA Akihiro [Tama Art University], MA Jung Yeon [Meiji University]) / Tama Art University Art Archive Center



Related Information

It takes about 15 minutes for each session and visitors who can experience this installation, one at a time. Thus the number of visitors is limited. Please make a reservation online in advance.

Please choose the session time in the day you will visit.
The reservation starts 7 days prior to the experience date.
*The reservations for May 18–23, 2019 are available from May 16, 2019.

Please note that, depending on the number of reservations already made when you arrive at the ICC, you may not be able to experience it on that day.
The visitor without a reservation might be able to experience the work if there are still vacant sessions.

In “Eye-Tracking Informatics,” the eye-tracking system is used to experience it and loud sound is partly used. Therefore depending on the eyesight and other physical conditions and age, we ask that persons to whom the following apply refrain from experiencing the installation.

・Persons getting drunk
・Persons feeling ill or just unwell
・10 years old and younger

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