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“Everything” [2017]




In order to make the experience of his landscapes based on simple computer graphics a rather multidimensional affair, in recent years David OREILLY has shifted the main axis of his work from short animated films to games. Watching a mountain that floats in space is all that “Mountain” is about, while “Everything” is a game that works as a “universe simulator” in which the player controls all objects—ranging from very small to very big—that appear on the screen. These works eliminate the idea of “goals” that has been considered as an essential part of video games, and place the player in the seemingly limitless spacetime of the respective game without any particular purpose. As a result, the player feels as if his/her consciousness and perception is expanded to a superhuman scale. In these works, OREILLY further explores the vast potential of the video game format according to his idea of “describing the underlying systems of the world through games.”



List of Works