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“Escape Velocity II” [2018]



“Escape Velocity” is a series based on field recordings taken from 2013 to 2016 at three locations in Singapore. All of the sites—Bukit Brown Cemetery, MacRitchie Reservoir, and Rail Corridor—are rich in biodiversity but also under threat from urban development. Fascinated by interspecies communication and apprehensive about the relentless speed at which capitalism progresses, the artist created a sound composition by manipulating the recorded birdsong and calls of wildlife to match the hearing ability of humans. Visitors play the sound themselves and, prompted by hearing things liberated from their original locations, engage in a form of reduced listening—Pierre Schaeffer’s concept of isolating sound from meaning and context so as to listen to sound purely for its own sake. “Escape Velocity I” is an installation comprising a turntable onto which the composition is engraved and a graphic score of the composition made by TANG. Visitors are free to try playing the record themselves. “Escape Velocity II” is a video work that visually utilizes the graphic score of “Escape Velocity I.”

“Escape Velocity II” is screened at ICC Theater.



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