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“Ambiguous Green” [2008]



“Ambiguous Green” consists of two rooms; the long-term project “Imaginary Numbers” in the first room, and output generated in real-time (on view here for the first time) in the back room. “Imaginary Numbers” exhibit figures, object panels, descriptions, still and moving images, all created by referencing a mathematical formula for nonlinear dynamics. On the floor are still images of microscopic pixels. In one corner there is an acrylic object, and on two monitors play moving images. These beautiful and delicate images, evocative of natural phenomenon such as spirals and whorls, are created using simple mathematical formulae. In a back room you can see the process of creation in real time, and observe it slowly changing as though a living form.

A coupled oscillator is produced by combining several oscillation model by a mathematical formula, which then gain a complexity which is unpredictable from any of its components. The role of the artist here is to create a model of state of variations within the mathematical formulae, and to find eloquent variety hidden in nature within its various figures and rhythms.

Cooperation: Aihara Complexity Modelling Project, Nihon Universal Electric Co., Ltd.



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