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This WWW site opened on January 1, 1996 at the theme pavilion in the Japanese Zone of the Internet World Expo. Since 1997. the Sensorium site has been maintained and developed on a volunteer basis, with support from the WIDE Project, in which university and other research institutions play a central role.

The site "attempts to expand the potential of the Internet as a medium for experiencing the living world through the senses. " The principal focus of the effort is the senses, with the theme of presenting an experience that makes people and places more vivid. The Sensorium planning group is involved in non-Internet projects. The ten or so members, who all live in Tokyo, include people from a variety of professions--cultural anthropology, graphic designing, network art, music, journalism, university teaching, and earth science. They form small teams for each project.

January, 1996 Sensorium launched (as part of the Internet World Expo)
January, 1997 Restarted as a independent project
September, 1997 Won a Golden Nica in the .net division of the Ars Electronica Prix '97
July, 1998 Participated with "BeWare02: Satellite" in the SIGGRAPH '98 Art Gallery
July, 1998 Delivered a paper at INET '98
August-October, 1998 Participated in La Biennale de Montreal 1998 with "Beware02: Satellite".

Sensorium has also participated in media art and other events in Japan and abroad.



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