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Born 1938 in New Jersey, died 1973 in Texas, USA. From his earliest years he was interested in natural history and art, and visited to the Museum of Natural History in New York City frequently. With his family visited many natural landscapes in the USA. When he was 16, won a scholarship to the Art Students League in NYC and started to meet artists. In 1959, had the first solo exhibition of abstract painting in NYC. In 1965, began to expand his field, and wrote vigorously, while he showed his sculpture works at an art gallery continuously. In 1967, had the Non-Sites exhibition in NYC. In 1966, he set about creating earthworks that consisted of natural materials, and in 1967 had the Non-Sites exhibited in NYC. His major works in include "Asphalt Rundown" in a quarry near Rome, 1969, "Spiral Jetty" in the Great Salt Lake, Utah, 1970, and "Broken Circle - Spiral Hill" in a quarry near Emmen, The Netherlands, etc. In 1973, He died in an airplane crash while recording his work, "Amarillo Ramp" (Amarillo, Texas, 1973) which is to be his last work, from the air. 



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