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Panacea's Mathias Mootz is one of the first German drum'n'bass producers to make a significant dent among the somewhat insular London jungle crowd, creating a bridge of sorts between the U.K. jungle scene and its Berlin-based antagonist in the "digital hardcore" of Alec Empire, Shizuo, Atari Teenage Riot, etc. Although Mootz's work is reported to be only marginally accepted in his home country (and despite high praise by Empire), the brutalizing, overdriving, near industrial breakbeats and buzzing, hoover-esque basslines of tracks such as "Stormbringer" and "Torture" share much with Berlin hardcore artists. The third Panacea LP, released in 1999, was a collaboration with Japanese vocalist Hanayo.

Panacea's latest release "Brasilia", a homage to the capital city of Brazil marks a new direction in Panacea's artistic sound. It was released in April 2000 as part of the critically acclaimed "architettura" series being released by caipirinha music.


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