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Born in 1977 in Aichi, Japan. OWAKI participated in “memorandum” tour as a member of “dumb type,” an artist group that he had been a member as a video engineer since he was a student. He also presented his solo works involving a number of installation and performance pieces.

He then joined the staff team YCAM InterLab as “mediaturge” who is responsible for carrying out researches on technology and techniques to concretize the works’ idea, while mainly overseeing the media planning and operation for all the YCAM-hosted exhibitions and performances.
He investigates to form a new relationship between media technology and body, especially realizing a new form of expression by building a tool that bridges the gap between the subjective and objective data that exist in the sphere of physical expression.

His internationally acclaimed installation, “skinslides" (2009–present), is an attempt to create an interface for a permanent preservation of the dancerʼs movements by producing images and sound first, and subsequently programming a data choreography out of those elements. He was awarded for “skinslides”: The Grand Prize, the inaugural Jaguar Asia Tech Art Prize, Art Taipei 2015 (Taipei, 2015), Art Division Jury’s selection, 16th Japan Media Arts Festival (2012).



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