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NAKAMURA Toshimaru


NAKAMURA Toshimaru has been producing electronic music on self-named “no-input mixing board.” The name describes the method of his music. “No” external sound source is connected back to “inputs” of the “mixing board.” NAKAMURA’s principle is being an improviser, probably because of his naive utopian idea. No-input mixing board is the best vehicle so far to realize his attitude toward music. According to the nature of the set-up, NAKAMURA always has to deal with unpredictability, therefore, he is willing to abandon his control over the instrument to some extent, and place himself in the realm of obedience and resignation.

He has been performing live concerts in Tokyo and elsewhere by traveling around Europe, North America, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Korea, China, Singapore and Malaysia since the middle of 1990’s until now, for meeting, working and playing concerts with local musicians from those places and ones from different places.


Exhibitions & Events