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Sebastian Litmanovich (aka Cineplexx) has been listening to and creating music since his childhood in Buenos Aires. At age 8, he was given a small Casio organ, the first of a wide (and widening) array. Through the years, his intuition told him to hold on to such メnasty sounding little toy organsモ, and he uses them to this day (along with whatever other instruments he finds at his disposal, acoustic, electronic, or otherwise) to create his distinctive, intuitive sonic collage.

Preferring the freedom and solitude of his own personal space to the sometimes oppressive environment of a professional studio, Sebastian creates his alternate musical reality on a simple 4-track recorder. The resulting low fidelity of these recordings lends a warmth and character that serves to deepen the listener"s intimacy with the music and the emotion with which it was created.


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