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"After it was past 12:00 of the night, when I will say "today" is "tomorrow," I can't discriminate between tomorrow and today" 2010

An analogue wall clock and a monitor showing video images of that same clock are displayed next to each other. The footage seen on the monitor shows the clock as filmed for twelve hours straight, while the playback is computer-controlled to always indicate the same time of day as the real clock next to it. Just like the Internet phenomenon of pseudo-synchronization, the clock recorded on video is quasi-synchronized with real time, resulting in a recursive overlapping of time reconstructed by a "phantom" clock of sorts. Local ambient noises recorded during the video shooting are additional elements that reinforce this impression.

>> TANIGUCHI Akihiko
Born 1983. Produces performances, installations and video works using self-built devices and software. Main exhibitions include "dangling media" ("emergencies! 004" at "Open Space 2007," ICC, 2007), "Space of Imperception" (Radiator Festival, UK, 2009), "redundant web" (Internet, 2010) and others.
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