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"PRAY" 2009

This objet d'art combining two optical computer mice connected to a personal computer is based on the discovery of the effect of making a cursor move around spontaneously on the screen by arranging the mice in a way that the laser beams emitted from their undersides interfere. The work is part of the "Got Exists." series of artworks designed to project the existence of "Got" as a fictional character by juxtaposing existing products, websites and online services.

>> exonemo
Artist group formed in 1996 by SEMBO Kensuke and AKAIWA Yae. While flexibly straddling the realms of digital and analogue, network and real environments, the artists have been exposing the relationship between technologies and their users, engaging in numerous experimental projects that reflect the impact of digital media on today's society from a fresh point of view, and with a distinctly humorous edge. In 2006, "The Road Movie" was awarded a Golden Nica in the Net Vision category at Ars Electronica.
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