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"The Most Infamous Girl in the History of the Internet" 2010–12
Parker ITO

These oil paintings are based on the picture of a girl that has come to be known across the Internet as the "parked domain girl." The title refers to the fact that the photograph's display in lieu of websites with expired domains has brought the girl worldwide fame. The actual paintings were not drawn by Ito himself, but ordered from a Chinese online painting service specializing in oil paintings made on-demand from images submitted by customers. The work is charged with the irony of having a photo that became famous via the Internet as a nameless icon, turned into portraits painted – again via the Internet – by unnamed artists.

*Parked domain: yet-to-be-created website without contents that is "parked" on an Internet domain. While these are mainly domains registered for intended future use, or for guiding users to other domains, retaining domains registered with the aim to sell them at a profit is not uncommon as a business. It also happens that expired domains are bought and parked for the purpose of making use of the respective former website's link records.

>> Parker ITO
Born 1986. Has been working mainly on the Internet since 2008. "Parker Ito" is one of several aliases he uses for his work as an artist, curator, and planner of exhibitions and web projects. Also engages in various collaborations with other artists. Web projects include "Paint FX." Participated in the exhibitions "new jpegs" (Johan Berggren Gallery, Malmo, 2011) and "Random Rotations" (Berkeley Art Museum, 2011) among others.

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