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"The Way of TypeTrace ∼ MAIJO Otaro Edition" 2007

This installation consists of the "TypeTrace" software for recording and reproducing letters along with temporal data typed on a keyboard, coupled with a kinetic keyboard on which the typing action is physically reproduced. By capturing and reproducing the process of writing a text in such detail, this work hints at the possibility of reading the trains of thoughts hidden behind the eventual product. In 2007, Yukio Mishima Prize winner MAIJO Otaro, known as a "masked" writer who avoids public appearances, utilized this tool for penning a new work. He is planning to write another new novel during the period of this exhibition.

>> dividual
Dividual inc. was founded in April 2008 by ENDO Takumi and Dominick CHEN, and offers software development and services themed around "human communication close to nature." Works include "TypeTrace" (http://typetrace.jp; generating digital manuscripts), "rigureto" (http://rigureto.jp; anonymous grooming communication), and many other social applications. Permanently recruiting web creators.
http://dividual.jp Past Exhibition / Event (ENDO Takumi)
Past Exhibition / Event (Dominick CHEN)

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"The Way of TypeTrace ∼ MAIJO Otaro Edition" 2007
Installation view at "Haptic Literature: intersection of text/media art" (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, 2007)

Cooperation: MATSUYAMA Shinya, AZAMI Takahiko, NAGANO Norihisa