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Aug.6(Friday)- Sep.19(Sunday),1999 [Finished] Gallery A, D, Theater

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Concert "Guelagutza, for computer sampling and multiple speaker system (1996, revised 1999)"

Date : June 25 (fri.), 1999 19:00 - [Finished]
Venue: Gallery D

Guelagutza,, for computer sampling and multiple speaker system (1996, revised 1999)
two hours duration

Guelaguetza is a work that has been undergoing almost continuous revisiion and expansion since its conception in 1996. It was original composed as a site-specific work for Chapel of the Chimes, a large columbarium in Oakland California designed by the well-known architect Julia Morgan. Since its first performance it has expanded to include video-playback and multiple source sound distribution.

The constituent components of Guelazguetza are largely media textures culled from broadcast and telecommunications technologies, reworked and further modified in varying degree, using a variety of methods.

The music is performed using a Apple G3 computer, running the Max/MSP programming language in realtime.