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ICC Annual 2023: Shapes of Things
Screening Program

June 24, 2023–January 14, 2024


Screening Works

KANNO Ayumi “Dancing in the Atopia Night” 2023, 15′25″
ISAKA Shu “Reconnaissance “Tephra”” 2022, 24′00″
ISAKA Shu “The Spumoni” 2023, 28′09″

Total duration: about 70 minutes

Date: from June 24, 2023 to January 14, 2024
Venue: ICC 4F Theater
Capacity: 29 persons (2 wheelchair spaces are included)* first-come basis
* Doors open 10 minutes before the start time.
* Exhibition ticket for “ICC Annual 2023: Shapes of Things” is required.
Admission tickets for the exhibition issued on other days are valid for reservations of the theater programs. Please present the ticket at the reception desk or the entrance of the theater. Some numbered day tickets are available for each screening. They are issued from 11:00 am on each day.
(Admission tickets for the exhibition are required to get the numbered day tickets.)

Screening schedule from January 5 to January 14, 2024

on Weekdays:
January 5, 10–12
1:50pm–/ 4:40pm– *on each day

on Saturdays, Sundays:
January 6–8, 13, 14
3:10pm– *on each day

Screening schedule from December 16 to December 27, 2023

on Saturdays, Sundays:
December 16, 17, 23, 24
2:40pm– *on each day

on Weekdays:
December 19–22, 26, 27
3:10pm– *on each day

Screening schedule on December 15, 2023


Screening schedule from July 28 to December 14, 2023 * updated.

11:30am–/ 2:00pm–/ 4:30pm– *on each day

Screening schedule from June 24 to July 23, 2023

June 24, 25, 30
July 1, 2, 7–9, 14–17, 21–23
11:30am–/ 2:00pm–/ 4:30pm– *on each day

Organizer: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]

Screening Works


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