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FUJIKURA Asako “Colony Highway Broadcast”

September 4–November 4, 2018


Vividly colored cityscapes made up of urban infrastructure elements such as highways, lighting, bridge piers, street lamps, substations and public toilets, or magnified industrial products and various other artifacts, are created by means of 3D computer graphics. But there are no humans to be found in these sceneries that appear like oases in the desert.

In these urban environments devoid of human inhabitants,artifacts repeatedly perform nonfunctional autonomic movements, in a way that suggests that they have been liberated from the respective functions they once assumed in the city, and took on a life of their own that they now exhibit according to their formerly suppressed desires.

FUJIKURA Asako understands contemporary cities as structures that transcend the human intellect even though being designed by humans, and themes her works on the primordial spiritual magic that she senses in this.The animated 3D computer graphics she employs are another expressive means that, due to the intervention of a computer program, may produce movements beyond the artist’s control and intent, which is exactly where FUJIKURA senses creative possibilities.

In “Colony Highway Broadcast” she illustrates the way the city itself exceeds human assumption and operates autonomously as artifacts “go wild,” while stressing the artificial textural and tactile qualities of 3D computer graphics in order to depict the hidden reality of the city in the modern age.



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