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emergencies! 019
HAMA Satoshi ‘Casi Rien (Almost Nothing)’

December 18, 2012–March 3, 2013

emergencies! 019
HAMA Satoshi ‘Casi Rien (Almost Nothing)’


When recording something at a certain time and place, there generally happen accidental things that the recording person cannot fully predict. Therefore, video, audio or text recordings always involve some kind of gap between the initial idea of the recorded subject, and what is actually being recorded. However, we usually don’t pay much attention to that gap.

In this exhibition, four audio-visual works produced in 2012 are shown in the form of one single installation. As a common thread running through these works, HAMA Satoshi deliberately observes and records minuscule occurrences in his direct environment that aren’t particularly worth mentioning, whereas he extracts and exhibits the miraculous little things he discovers in such events. He has so far recorded a variety of sounds, words and images while traveling to all kinds of places equipped with a microphone, recorder, pen and camera. Recordings made by a pond at Kenrokuen Garden (Kanazawa); a video of a sleeping woman on a Spanish train; a tennis match at a sports stadium; the French town of Montpellier as mentioned in the prophecies of NOSTRADAMUS; a fishing port in Ishikawa Prefecture, and various others. By combining sounds and images from different recordings, duplicating or editing his recordings in other ways, the artist adds to these basically insignificant recordings of daily life sceneries a dissimilation effect by way of conversion and manipulation, and thereby highlights the limitless imaginative possibilities that lurk in these events.

Exhibiting works:
“daytime at the pondside avec la bella durmiente” 2012 (20 min.)
“Tennis 1” 2012 (5 min.)
“Les Pins” 2012 (9 min.)
“Memorandums of a harbor” 2012 (9 min.)



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