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emergencies! 017
ESHIMA Kazuomi “Strings for Harmony”

October 22–December 18, 2011

emergencies! 017
ESHIMA Kazuomi “Strings for Harmony”


This sound installation consists of units suspended from the ceiling, each comprising a single, vibrating string and a box that serves as a resonator. As the sound from each unit changes and interferes with sounds from other units, the harmony of sounds within the exhibition space changes.
There are four units installed in the space, each with a device that employs oscillating currents to make the string continue to vibrate and produce long, uninterrupted sounds without touching. The devices alter the way the strings vibrate in response to shifts in the conditions of the space, like temperature and humidity, as well as visitors’ behavior. This changes the sonority of the combined sounds. Visitors can actively involve themselves in changing the sounds, and can also explore the harmony occurring within the space by shifting their own positions (distance and orientation) within the space.
With this work, the artist explores themes including the relationship between instrument and audience, the introduction of the element of “space” into musical composition, and the harmony of sound within a given space, by reconstituting in a space the guitar using only its minimum components and without a player. It also realizes “music that continues to be played without a player,” an important idea in the field of sound art.



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