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emergencies! 015
KOSHIDA Noriko “On the Shore of the Desk”

September 7–November 14, 2010


Two images have simply been placed side-by-side, left-and-right, and combined. The component images were filmed separately in the same place, both filmed continuously, without even one break. Each of the cameras captures the desk in a tidal fashion, swinging back and forth between the left and right. Placing the two images side-by-side, the desk appears to be expanding and contracting. The movement of people coming into the images and other actions create bizarre moments in time and space.

The artist has previously produced films using a method in which she films one event simultaneously from the front and back and combines these two images into one; this exhibit, however is a new work in a separate series that she has been working on recently. In the previous series, the ability to see simultaneous view two aspects of the one event that should never be able to be seen together at once leaves an impression of the mysteriousness of extensity. In this work, however, the combination of moving shots and the difference in the times at which the component materials were filmed generate distortions in both time and space.

In filming, editing, and various other aspects of film production, various methods have been used, but it is rarely that we would normally turn our consciousness to such methods and the act of "watching an image" in itself. In response to this, by painstakingly selecting the method she should use and deliberately filming with a simple system, it can be said that the artist is seeking the essence of video expression, questioning the nature of manipulation through filming with a camera and editing/combining the filmed images.

Collaborative choreographer and performer: KAMIMURA Megumi, TAKASHIMA Shinichi




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