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emergencies! 003
SAITA Kazuki+MIHARA Soichiro+MUGIBAYASHI Hiroko “moids”

December 15, 2006–March 11, 2007

emergencies! 003
SAITA Kazuki+MIHARA Soichiro+MUGIBAYASHI Hiroko “moids”


The “moids” model consists of 48 electroacoustic devices that generate sound autonomously, in accordance with certain rules. These devices, containing built-in microphones and speakers, react in response to sounds made by the audience, and by the whole environment. In this way, they create a dynamic acoustic environment in an autonomous, decentralized, and coordinated fashion. Like a chorus of singing crickets or frogs, a harmonious concert can be achieved, with each device working independently. “moids” is a non-deterministic model that creates sound instantaneously in reaction to accidental changes in the environment.



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