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Opening Events- Disclavier MAEBAYASHI Akitsugu

April 19–27, 1997

Opening Events- Disclavier MAEBAYASHI Akitsugu


Date: April 19–27, 1997
Venue: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] 5F Lounge etc.

Organizer: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]




Born in 1965. He has focused on auditory sense as an interface between the body and the environment, and has created installations as opportunities for personal experience. His work Audible Distance was awarded the runner-up prize in the ICC Biennale '97, and the honorable mention in the Ars Electronica '98 in Linz. He created Sonic Interface in 1999, which examines the influence of changes in the sense of hearing upon perception. This work was exhibited in Akihabara TV2 (Tokyo, 2000), DEAF_00 (Rotterdam, 2000), and Villette Numerique (Paris, 2002). The piece, [I/O] distant place was developed with a 3D acoustic technology and was shown in ICC (Tokyo, 2001). MAEBAYASHI currently teaches at Kyoto University of Art and Design.

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