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“WHITE CUBE - WHITE CUBE 2021” [2021]



Paintings (i.e., flat surfaces) have historically been likened to “windows,” and, based on that concept, PC and smartphone display screens can also be perceived as rectangular windows in the contemporary age. HARADA created an imaginary world, “inner space,” in her computer in 2009. She creates artworks, predominantly paintings, of the scenes from pseudo-experiences she witnesses when traveling back and forth between the virtual world and the real world. In the online exhibition venue, you can view a solo exhibition of Harada’s works that takes up the whole of Virtual Gallery A.

The installation “WHITE CUBE-WHITE CUBE 2021,” uses optical-illusion structures to break down the 3D space of the virtual world and lays it out in 2D (flat) in the real world. When you stand at a certain point and peek in with the camera, the shadows and hints that fall on the real space are incorporated in multiple layers, and 3D spaces merge and stand up in the “windows” of the viewers’ respective devices.

Production support: COUWA SIGN



List of Works