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‘Virtual Currency Offering Festival’ [2019]


‘Virtual Currency Offering Festival’


ICHIHARA organized an event called the Virtual Currency Festival in Tokyo in November 2019. Having taken inspiration until now from various regional traditions, this project was both an update of religious rituals as well as a social experiment attempting to ask if it is possible to start a festival from scratch, establish it in a contemporary city, and then ensure it continues. A central part of the festival was “Server Mikoshi” (collaborated with WATAI Taiki), an interactive work in which a Shinto shrine palanquin (mikoshi) would respond in real time to virtual currency payments from around the world.

Producer, Organizer: ICHIHARA Etsuko
Technical Direction, Software Development, Hardware Design and Development of Server Mikoshi: WATAI Taiki
Software Development of Server Mikoshi: INAGAKI Jun
Frame Structure Design and Production of Server Mikoshi: KAWASHIMA Takuro
Minister of Fermentation: OGURA Hiraku
Animatronics Design and Development of Tengu: NAKADAI Hisanao
Application and motion development of Tengu robot: WATANABE Chika
Model of Tengu robot: FUJII Naotaka
Logo Design: HATA Yurie
Photographer: KUROHA Masashi
Videographer, Editor: NOMOTO Victor
Research & PR Support: HARADA Yuki (Qonversations)
Management Support: HAYAKAWA Yukie
Sponsor: Digital Hollywood University Graduate School, inquire Inc.
Grant: Arts Council Tokyo Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
Support: Crowdfunding supporters via Readyfor
Voice Synthesis: WATASHIHA Inc.
Venue & Management Cooperation: Kawashima Shopping Street


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