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“Varietal Urbanus Female, scientific name: Anmopista Volaticus Floris Uram” [2007]



These two art works are moving sculptures with flower and insect motifs. The slow and fluent movement of these complex machines gives the impression, at first glance, of a life form created of organic compounds. The artist gave each a fictional scientific name (including his own name), and depicted the story of how he “discovered” them. Each is equipped with flower-like photosynthetic organs, and they produce luminescence from accumulated energy to attract the opposite sex. Through these sculptures and stories, you can approach the artist’s conceptions of life and machines, heredity, and the future.

This installation also has aspects of robotic experimentation: this sculpture, with its excellent craftsmanship and engineering, goes beyond the typical development process of top-down design, segmenting necessary functions in observance and emulates the mechanics of living organisms, unassumingly and succinctly demonstrating the latest approaches in robotics.



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