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‘Unknown Actors’ [2014]



Looking at first glance like ordinary music videos, something is different here. Based on songs that were originally composed, played and uploaded to the Internet by unrelated individual users, these videos feature actors who were filmed acting to the respective music as if they were performing these songs.

For this set of works, the artist picked up songs by unknown creators from the vast amounts of videos that circulate on the Internet, and made original music videos for these, which she ultimately uploaded once again to prove that she has listened to these songs(*).

In this day and age, people can deliver their compositions and performances to unspecified numbers of recipients by simply publishing their songs and videos of their performances on the Internet. Like a message in a bottle, it is a form of communication without a specified or even assumed addressee, and at the same time, it can be considered as an expression of desire for acknowledgment from anyone who receives it.

Further on display at this exhibition are two other types of works inspired by such contemporary style of Internet-based communication: A letter of encouragement from unacquainted persons to a sender, and a work in which numerous videos published via the Internet were edited and subtitled with totally unrelated captions.

* Exhibited works were made using Creative Commons licensed material.



List of Works