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“Tone Pattern Study #1” [2018]

Tristan PERICH


Consecutive individual oscillation sounds are audible at low volumes from a total of thirty small speakers set up in an anechoic room. These 1 bit tone sequences are generated by a self-built electronic device with an integrated computer program, using exclusively “0” and “1” data as the minimum elements for digitally based expression. Subtly changing musical fragments are dispersed across multiple speakers, and in the environment of an anechoic room, the walls of which are covered with a material that absorbs reverberations of sound, they play together a concert of high frequencies in a “pointillist” kind of style.

PERICH is a musician and at once a creator of sound installations. In addition to copies in the form of CDs and vinyl records, he understands also the electronic circuits that execute programs as means for distributing the music he creates. In this case, it is not a playback of a musical recording, but music that is implemented with every execution of the respective program—PERICH’s own proposal of an alternative style of electronic music based on digital technology.

Created by techniques similar to those he usually employs for composing musical works, this sound installation represents a cross section of his music. It can be understood as a work that focuses on a single musical gesture, and as a never-ending piece of music based on sustained musical conditions.



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