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“Tokyo Light Odyssey” [2016]


“Tokyo Light Odyssey”


A video piece born out of WOW’s new project “Beyond Motion Graphics.” Look out at the fragments of a beautiful city—appearing out of the darkness like stardust, engulfed in the Tokyo night sky—as you lie suspended in our spherical celestial motion graphics chamber. Displayed via a head-mounted video display and six-meter-wide dome-shaped screen.



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Staff: MORIWAKI Daisuke / KUDO Kaoru / NAKAJI Takuma / MIYAJIMA Tsutomu / KOJIMA Kazunori / MAKINO Shigeru / SASAKI Takuma / KITABATAKE Ryo / TAKAGISHI Hiroshi / TANAKA Kenji / HORAI Misaki

VR version

With regard to the VR version of this work, it takes about 6 minutes for each session and visitors who can experience it, one at a time. Thus the number of visitors is limited.

Please note that, depending on the number of reservations already made when you arrive at the ICC, you may not be able to experience it on that day.
Reservation tickets are issued at the site, and visitors will be called in turn according to the numbers on their tickets.

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