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“TECHTILE toolkit” [2013]

KAKEHI Yasuaki + NAKATANI Masashi + MINAMIZAWA Kouta+ MIHARA Soichiro

“TECHTILE toolkit”


With advanced technology at its foundation, TECHTILE is an activity that aims to create the value of focusing on “the sense of touch.” We continue to propose the prospects of “tactile creation” by gathering people from various fields, such as art, design, science, and engineering, to discuss and create ways to learn, control and convey tactile sensation. TECHTILE toolkit is a tool with which users’ can collect, precess and transmit “the sense of touch” to consider its potential as a means of expression. In particular, it is possible to gather the feeling of the objects surrounding us with a “tactile sensation microphone” (vibration microphone) and present it with a “tactile display” (vibrator). Whilst holding workshops at various places, we aim to spread this toolkit as an open source hardware.



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