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‘rendez-vous’ [2016]



Tape machines, record players, vinyl records, cassette recorders, English learning tools, slide and 8mm films, typewriters, stereoscopic photographs, flashlights, electronic calculators... All these are general consumer goods that were made for use in certain ways for certain purposes. This exhibition introduces an array of artworks inspired by the respective underlying technologies, albeit used in ways quite different from the common methods.

FUJIMOTO Yukio is an artist who has been amazing and entertaining his audience with artworks focusing on “listening” as a creative act. Within his continued explorations of sound, he has developed a particularly strong interest in acoustic and recording media, but at the same time also produces numerous works incorporating not only acoustic but media technology in general. In each case, FUJIMOTO extracts the respective applied technology’s characteristics rather than its practical use, and translates these into works of art.

This exhibition covers media-themed works that FUJIMOTO has created up to this day, including such new (at the time) media as audio and expanded books realized with his involvement.



List of Works