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“Postproduction” [2018]




The photographic work “Postproduction” was shot using a photo editing software’s built-in function for remote-controlling a digital camera. The photo captures the moment the artist himself releases the shutter of a digital camera behind his back via a track pad. The work makes at once excessive use of the “Spot Healing Brush Tool,” a photo editing software that automatically removes noise and other unwanted elements from photographs. As that algorithm is unable to distinguish between real objects and images on a monitor, the outlines of objects dissolve and everything in the picture melts together. Foreground and background integrate in a complicated fashion, inspiring the viewer to reflect on automatized editing tools and how they process data. While “postproduction” is a general term that refers to any kind of operation on a photo or video after shooting, here the same software is used for both photographing and editing, resulting in a work where the boundary between both has almost completely vanished.



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