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“Pachube@Mission G” [2009–10]

Pachube + M.K.I.

“Pachube@Mission G”


Pachube is a Web-based system that provides open access for both inputting and sharing data from sensors observing various things and environments throughout the world. Indoors or outdoors, individuals or organizations: anyone can release data on Pachube and anyone is welcome to use the data there as the raw material to produce new outputs or creations. Via Pachube, environmental data from somewhere else on earth might influence right here, and the data from here might influence somewhere else. Pachube, aligned with the Open Source and DIY movements in hardware and software, is fostering a network of global relationships.

In “Mission G,” data fed out via Pachube will be presented visually in an installation designed by M.K.I. The changes in environmental data from three regions, acquired via Pachube, are converted into the upward and downward motion of three lights suspended in the exhibition space. Through this structure, not only does the brightness of the space change. Sensors imbedded in chairs measure the light level and feed those data back into Pachube. Through this recurring data cycle, Pachube data turn, via this space, into new data inputs for Pachube.



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