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“Openings !!!” [2022]


“Openings !!!”


Inhabiting the interstitial zones of anime credit sequences, video game loading screens and regional train journeys, SZEMÁN Petra’s “Openings !!!” intensifies the gaps between the layers of animated imagery in an attempt to grasp the kinds of experience that may lie beyond human perceptual boundaries.

The video follows the protagonist ‘Yourself’ as they ride local trains through intermediate landscapes. From this uniquely conceived and drafted kinetic viewpoint, fragments of different worlds segue into view, signalling perceptual ruptures that seemingly force
subjectivity outside of itself, into strange new relationships of interdependency and intoxication with the moving image.

Part of the artist’s ongoing exploration of the radical potential of animation and fandom, Openings !!! rejects its own filmic boundaries, surrendering instead to the free play of a multi-planar and ultimately elusive meta-worldview.



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