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“moving objects | nº 692 - 803” [2012]


“moving objects | nº 692 - 803”


Countless rings on silicon tubes tacked across a frame minutely vibrate while moving left and right. From a distance, this looks like a minimal art style painting devoid of decorative elements, or like musical notes or diagrams in a graphic score.

As reflected in the title, the idea behind this work was to depict “moving objects.” The result entertains the eye and ear with highly subdued elements such as limited forms and colors, and small objects’ movements and faint sounds. While subject to physical laws, mobiles and other moving sculptures for example are characterized by unpredictable movements caused by incidental factors, realized by extremely simple methods. In the same way, in this work the regular movements of the rings are generated through the regular motion of motors and vibrating tubes. It can be considered as a work that offers a glimpse at the order in the chaos, through the way the rings move sideways on the tubes while colliding with each other.

While the work’s appearance, along with the machine-driven mechanical motion, gives an inorganic impression, the motors’ micromotion and the resulting phenomena of locomotion and sound convey a sense of humor and warmth to the viewer.



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