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“Mirror No.12” [2013]

Daniel ROZIN

“Mirror No.12”


Projected onto an elliptically-shaped screen are scenes captured by a camera installed behind the screen. The images in “Mirror No.12” are made up of countless colored line segments, the angles of which change in various ways from a horizontal position according to the direction and speed of the object’s locomotion. As a result, the captured images are reproduced with a painting-like texture. The use of software that adds a virtual camera perspective further produces the effect of observing the scenery through a peephole in a door.

“Twisted Strips” is a kinetic sculpture made of twenty-one white strips in front of a black background. The moving strips are individually controlled by motors at the top and bottom of each strip, whereas differently timed rotation of the motors twists the strips to create geometrical patterns resembling those of Op Art, an art form utilizing optical illusion and other visual effects, which inspired this work.

Many of ROZIN’s previous works consist in principle of elements on orthogonal grids that change/move individually to create images of shades and patterns. Realized by a new technique the artist has been working on in recent years, each of the two works featured here revolves around images created through their components’ rotational motion.



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