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“Landscape of Energy” [2014]

YUAN Goang-Ming

“Landscape of Energy”


A camera moves slowly through the air, capturing sceneries from a bird’s-eye perspective that are projected one after another. Footage of an old deserted merry-go-round overgrown with weeds; a housing complex that was abandoned even before completion; a radioactive waste storage facility and an elementary school on a small offshore island in the southern part of Taiwan; a crowded beach with a nuclear power plant and wind power generators visible in the background; a nuclear power plant’s control room; and sceneries as seen from the sea in Tokyo Bay—all this was shot using a drone and the artist’s self-built cable cam device.

This work was made primarily in Taiwan after the Great East Japan Earthquake. The earthquake reminded the artist of the fact that a nuclear power plant was also located within 20 kilometers from his family’s home in Taipei. Here he questions possibilities of crucial changes in our environment that may occur regardless of human thinking or acting, as well as forms of energy as a supporting pillar in our daily life.

Expressed through mechanically filmed pictures, these views come across with a sense of coldness that only stresses the urgency of the artist’s appeal to his audience.



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