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‘Komitsu’s Room’



This exhibition encompasses multiple interactive works, to be experienced in a space designed like a private room.
Various animated movies are shown on displays that are made to look like windows or picture frames.
Featured here are updated versions of previous interactive works, a recently unveiled one, and a new animation themed on the artist’s encounters in daily life during the COVID-19 pandemic, presented in the form of an installation.

“here AND there” 2017
Try and touch various points on the screen. The animations are connected through a scheme of interactions, discovering which makes the experience of this work even more enjoyable.

“Wander in Wonder” 2018
In this interactive animation, the viewer guides a lost rabbit on its way home. As it gradually gets dark toward the evening, flowers and other plants will show you the way.

“you understand kawaii” 2021
This is a work by the game creators’ team Coffee Dogs (Komitsu and USUHA Ryoya).
When you spot a dog on a walk, try and approach it and say “kawaii.” Now see if the dog understands you.

“suitcase adventure” 2022
This is the latest work by Coffee Dogs.
A suitcase filled with all kinds of things is moving around by itself. At each station along the way, items appear one after another out of the suitcase. Embark on a journey to bring everything back to the owner, by alternately navigating the suitcase and the items it contains.


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