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“HAPTICS OF WONDER vol. 1” [2019]

Production: Taica Corporation × MTRL TOKYO



“HAPTICS OF WONDER” is a tool kit designed for business cooperation between designers and developers pursuing services and product designs based on the characteristic features of specific materials. The kit contains several types of silicone gel, the different textures of which suggest different uses and values.

Taica Corporation developed theαGEL (Alpha GEL®) silicone gel with a special focus on the “texture” of the gel as a “multifunctional material” with high shock absorption, vibration damping and heat dissipation properties. The experience/sensation of the material’s texture has been indicated through collaborative projects with research institutions and creators, based on which this kit was assembled in order to give users the opportunity to touch and feel its value.

Organizer: Taica Corporation
Supervisor: HAPTIC DESIGN PROJECT (MINAMIZAWA Kouta, Professor at Keio University Graduate School of Media Design / KANEBAKO Junichi, Assistant Professor at Kobe Design University)
Product Design: BARAKAN DESIGN
Graphic Design: Beach
Cooperation: Loftwork Inc.


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