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“Garden of Russolo” [2013]


“Garden of Russolo”


Five types of large speaker-like boxes are each fitted with horns. When speaking or making other noises in front of these horns, those sounds are processed and reverberate in different ways from the different speakers. For example, sounds are played backwards or are distorted into noise; plain voices are turned into music with a melody; sounds input from a horn at the top of a box are pitched low and return from a horn at the bottom, or reversely, sounds picked up by the horn at the bottom are pithed up and return from the horn at the top. One box is equipped with a handle, whereas the speed at which the handle is turned regulates the speed of the sound. By the intermediary of these devices, visitors' voices and environmental noises are all turned into different sounds.

These devices stimulate physical communication as they respond in various ways to each visitor's individual approach. According to this, these devices transform and re-create the sonic environment in which they are installed, and can thus be considered parts of an environmental artwork.

The title refers to Luigi RUSSOLO, an artist of the Italian "Futurist" avant-garde art movement in the early 20th century, while the format of this work borrows that of RUSSOLO's noise-generating machine "Intonarumori." RUSSOLO's proclamation in 1913 in "The Art of Noises" to enlarge and enrich the field of sound by approaching the "noise-sound" was an expression of a changing sensibility in the new age of mechanization and urbanization.

Cooperation: TASKO inc.



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