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“Flying Dog” [2018]

CHIGIRA Hiroshi, GOMI Hiroaki, OGAWA Hideaki, Nicolas NAVEAU

“Flying Dog”


Flying Dog, an urban navigation system for the future, combines a balloon object with the haptic device “Buru-Navi” that was developed by NTT Laboratories. Different from current navigation applications, using which involves looking at maps displayed on a smartphone for example, Flying Dog is a floating dog-shaped balloon that literally takes users “by the hand” to guide them with a combination of motion and vibration. Even a casual walk with the Flying Dog can turn into an adventure that may take you to unknown places, unexpected encounters and new discoveries.

Creative team: CHIGIRA Hiroshi (NTT Service Evolution Laboratories) / GOMI Hiroaki (NTT Communication Science Laboratories) / OGAWA Hideaki, Nicolas NAVEAU (Ars Electronica Futurelab)



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