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“Another Time, Another Space” [1993]

IWAI Toshio


If you look into the monitor mounted in the white marshmallow-shaped object, you will see the surrounding landscape changing as if time is going forward and backward or the passengers or objects distorted. What you see is a result of the real time manipulation and deformation of video imagery and the flow of time that was shot with a video camera and stored in the computer.

The predecessor of this “Marshmallow Scope” is “Another Time, Another Space,” which was presented in Antwerp, Belgium in 1993. That work presents transformed images of people who came and went through Central Station or moved their bodies in front of the video camera. This video installation creates time and space that are different from reality and uses monitors installed outdoors and public spaces so that anyone can become a performer in this participation-oriented work.

c“Marshmallow Scope,” with its lovely and friendly shape, can serve as a window through which you can look into another world that has a different time-flow from that in the real world we know.



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