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SATO Minoru (m/s)

SATO Minoru (m/s)


Born in 1963. Since 1989 works under the name m/s. Has managed the label "WrK" since 1994 to support the artistic activities of its members. Interested in physical phenomena and their reception/perception, he engages in research and artistic activities that take the form of exhibits, multiple-works, performances, and texts. He also composes and performs works of a musical nature under the name S.A.S.W. In 1993 he took part in Sound Culture Japan '93, and in 1999 participated in the MUSIQUE EN SCÈNE, Jérôme Joy "Collage Juke Box" project (Musée art contemporain Lyon, France).

* WrK:
WrK is a label and an organization to support artistic activities that attach importance to the conceptual exploration of occurrences, events, and other phenomena that take place in time/space and change from one moment to the next as well as to changes in our reception/perception of these phenomena.



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