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Ken Ikeda


Improvised electronic musician and composer.

Connects it like a textile while applying unique processing to the FM sign wave, improvise the particles of the electronic sound themselves by sewing, and relive the fluctuation, decay and disappearance of the listener’s “inner original landscape” at the moment of their rise and disappearing. At the same time, he will try to rediscover the ritual spirituality, physicality and barbarism that sink to the bottom of modern music.

6 solo albums in the past, and collaboration albums with David TOOP, Eddie PROVOST, John RUSSEL, Carl STONE, etc., as well as SUGIMOTO Hiroshi, YOKOO Tadanori, MORI Mariko, TANAKA Min, KOM_I, David LYNCH, etc. have also worked on many soundtracks of contemporary art and modern dance.


Exhibitions & Events