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Through workshops conducted with Japanese corporations' in-house designers, FUKASAWA resituates human beings' unconscious behavior and phenomena as design, rendering them a concrete forms, and presenting them to the world. The results include NEC's white box, Epson's Printables, and the without thought designs from workshops carried out with designers from different fields through Diamond Design Management Network (DMN).
white box and Printables were shown in Japan and at the London Design Museum and the Berlin International Design Exhibition. without thought won the IDEA grand prize in the annual design review of ID magazine; those designs have been shown in Japan and at the Now! exhibition in Paris. One of the without thought designs, for a "CD player", was put into production by MUJI and won the 2002 if award. In 2001, the designs created in the second without thought workshops for subway train straps were shown in Ozone. At the end of 2001, FUKASAWA presented e-fashion designs for the third time. In 2000, he showed teabags in the Takeo Paper Show and the REDESIGN exhibition. In 2001, he showed White Paper in the Takeo Paper Show. Recently, FUKASAWA was invited by the New York Museum of Modern Art to participate in workspheres, an exhibition on the changing nature of the workplace. His project for it was entitled "Personal Skies".
After graduating from Tama Art University with a degree in three-dimensional design, FUKASAWA joined ID TWO, the San Francisco firm that was the predecessor of IDEO. After eight years in the United States, he returned to Japan in 1996, setting up an IDEO office in Japan. Products he has designed have won over 40 design awards.



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