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FUJIWARA Chikara is based in Yokohama and active in Japan and overseas as a critic, artist, curator, mentor, and dramaturge. With the aim of connecting a world divided by what he calls “invisible walls,” he has produced the flaneur-style touring project ENGEKI QUEST in Yokohama, Kinosaki, Manila, Düsseldorf, Ansan, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Bangkok. Inspired by his interest in human mobility, he created the performances Woman in A Port (2017) and HONEYMOON (2018), and launched the IsLand Bar project with transnational artists at ADAM 2017 in Taipei and at the Taipei Arts Festival 2018. In 2017, he was a Senior Fellow at The Saison Foundation and an East Asian Cultural Exchange Envoy for the Agency for Cultural Affairs. In April 2019, he founded the art collective orangcosong with SUMIYOSHIYAMA Minori.


Exhibitions & Events