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Born in the US and raised in rural Japan, Corey FULLER is a musician, producer and multimedia artist currently based in Tokyo. Growing up between several different cultures and traveling extensively as a child have made geography, the sea and a sense of space, within and without, major components of FULLER’s music. His work is a slow and gradual music composed of infinitesimal details comprised of processed and delicately treated instruments, electronics, field recordings, and other sound sources combined with a distinct melancholy and emotionality. In addition to his work as a solo artist, FULLER finds his collaborations with other artists invaluable. Known for his work as ILLUHA with DATE Tomoyoshi on 12k, he has collaborated with musicians Taylor DEUPREE, SAKAMOTO Ryuichi, Richard SKELTONE, Simon SCOTT, Stephan MATHIEU, Marcus FISCHER, HATAKEYAMA Chihei, YAMAMOTO Synichi and others on a series of releases and projects. A descendant of polymath R. Buckminster FULLER and Color Music theorist and artist Maud Maple MILES, FULLER continues the tradition of synergetic and synesthetic intermedia explorations through his collaborations with visual artists, choreographers, fashion designers, poets, filmmakers, architects and artists across a myriad of disciplines.