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Christopher WILLITS

Christopher WILLITS


Christopher WILLITS is a pioneering composer, guitarist, producer, visual artist, and co-founder & director of Envelop, a nonprofit with a mission to inspire and connect through immersive listening. As one of the core artists on the Ghostly International label since the early 2000s, WILLITS has navigated the field of contemporary ambient music with curiosity and ambition, realizing an acclaimed body of work that includes collaborative projects with SAKAMOTO Ryuichi, Taylor DEUPREED, and Tycho. This driven-yet-gentle devotion to deep listening led him to the forefront of cutting-edge spatial audio production, a nascent technology at the time of his 2017 album “Horizon,” now adopted widely across the music industry. WILLITS operates with the conviction that music can create physical and emotional space for us to slow down and feel the present moment, which is the central intention of his 2022 album “Gravity,” his most personal and refined to date.


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