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In 1984 he founded, together with Silvio PAREDES and Ernesto MEDINA, the experimental and electronic band Electrodomésticos. The band, considered one of the most interesting and avant-garde of its time, was dissolved in 1992 with only two records: “Viva Chile!” (1986) and “Carreras de éxitos” (1987). In 2002, Electrodomésticos returned to the stages with their new album “La nueva canción chilena.” The following year the group would dissolve once more.

As a soloist, CABEZAS recorded in 1997 his debut album, “El resplandor.” In 2010 he recorded two albums simultaneously: “Has sabido sufrir,” which contains live recorded boleros, and “Desamanecer.” “Has sabido sufrir,” which is the name of a hit song by Electrodomésticos, is a reconstruction of the bolero, and includes songs like “Nuestro juramento” by Julio JARAMILLO and “Amor Gitano” by Héctor FLORES, both works considered by the artist as “two sides of the same coin.”

CABEZAS is an important producer within the national musical medium and has worked with artists such as Los Prisioneros, Los Tres, Pánico and Jorge GONZÁLEZ. In addition, he has composed the soundtrack for films such as “La fiebre del loco” (2001), “El chacotero sentimental” (2003) and “Radio Corazón” (2007). In 2012 he launches “Dejá vù,” a new album with a selection of songs from these soundtracks. He also participated in the film “No” in 2012, both as a musician and as an actor.

In 2017 he started a new project with Angelo PIERATTINI called Cordillera, with which he released a three-track EP on June 16. During this year, two other three-song EPs are expected and, by the end of the year, an album compiling these three EPs.


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